Hitachi Capital America Vendor Services<span>A Division of Hitachi Capital America Corp.</span>

Technology Vendor Financing

The technology market is rapidly changing and Hitachi Capital America Vendor Services keeps pace. We have developed strategic financial solutions that greatly benefit our technology vendors while giving their customers the payment experience they desire. Our dedicated team of technology representatives take the time to understand your business and offer the perfect solution based on your needs.

We Know Technology Financing

Our team of technology representatives are tremendously knowledgeable in providing financial offerings aligned with modern technology delivery methods. Many of the top technology providers, let it be traditional software and hardware, unified communications, or leaders in the various “as-a-service” models, have turned to us in order to:

  • Provide their end customer the best payment experience
  • Solve accounting and related revenue recognition issues
  • Reduce administrative burden and eliminate days cash outstanding

Our Technology Solutions

  • 100% financing inclusive of all hardware, software, disaster recovery, security, professional services, etc.
  • Utility and variable billing
  • SaaS financing
  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Support of multiple vendors and customers
  • Private label
  • Recurring revenue strategies
  • Single invoicing to incorporate all costs associated with project outcome

Enable Sales by Reducing Financial Resistance

  • Avoid “sticker shock” by leading with monthly payments and subscription options
  • Customized payments to match your products and services return on investment
  • Ensure customer upgrades and add-ons by restructuring payments at any time during term of payments
  • Quick and simple process that integrates to your selling cycles

Contact Our Team

Call us at 877-996-0270 or use our contact form to speak with one of our representatives on how we can help your business grow.