Hitachi Capital America Vendor Services<span>A Division of Hitachi Capital America Corp.</span>

Portfolio Services

Our portfolio acquisition team is experienced in creatively structuring win-win solutions. Successful solutions have ranged from the assumption of servicing rights to alleviate risk and expense from our partners, the purchase of individual lease schedules, and the purchase of entire portfolios. Portfolio sizes have been as small as $1 million and as large as $50 million, with transaction sizes ranging from $2,000 to several million. Our flexibility, creativity, and experience make us a better, more nimble alternative to large money center purchasers. Transactions need not fit into a narrow set of investment criteria and customer relationships that have taken years to build are protected.

Flexible Portfolio Servicing Solutions

  • We purchase portfolios of loans, leases, and other payment contracts of all types of equipment and software
  • We service loans, leases, and other contracts as private label or Hitachi Capital America Vendor Services
  • We have the ability to perform all functions from credit reviews, documentation, invoicing, remittance of multiple payment locations, and taxes
  • We can provide you with a full suite of reporting
  • We use InfoLease, the industry’s leading lease portfolio management platform
  • We have a centralized lock box at a major bank for independence and cash sweep capabilities

Contact Our Team

Call Jeff at 952-826-7868 to talk about how we can service or purchase your portfolio.