Funding and Portfolio Services

Access to reliable transaction and portfolio funding/servicing is vital. It’s what makes your business run and grow.

Experienced in Structuring Win-win Solutions

Successful solutions have ranged from the assumption of servicing rights to alleviate risk and expense from our partners, the purchase of individual lease schedules and the purchase of entire portfolios. Portfolio sizes have been as small as $1 million and as large as $50 million, with transaction sizes ranging from $2,000 to several million.

Flexible Lessor and Broker Solutions

We offer wholesale solutions to capital equipment financing firms that provide term solutions in support of their direct manufacturing and vendor relationships. These direct or private label programs allow clients the ability to offer enhanced customer-orientated services and sales tools through programs tailored to their specific needs.

  • Individual transaction funding for flow relationships that range from $15,000 to several million
  • Servicing of loans, leases and other contracts as private label or Hitachi Capital America Vendor Services
  • Perform portfolio functions from credit reviews, documentation, invoicing, remittance of multiple payment locations and taxes
  • Warehouse lines that allow you to respond to a vendor’s unique payment schedule and to take advantage of new market opportunities
  • Portfolio acquisitions of loans, leases and other payment contracts of all types of equipment and software

Benefits to Our Lessor and Broker Partners

  • Build stronger customer loyalty by offering your customers the financing solutions they need
  • Gain new customers by providing financing solutions your competitors do not offer
  • Earn extra revenue from fee income and the growth of customer relationships
  • Strengthen your brand through a private label program
  • Save administration and technology costs by allowing us to service customer contracts
  • Receive detailed reporting to easily manage contracts

Hitachi Capital America Advantage

Our flexibility, creativity and experience make us a better, more nimble alternative to large money center purchasers. Transactions need not fit into a narrow set of investment criteria and customer relationships that have taken years to build are protected. We have built a solid reputation as a reliable funding partner that allows you to successfully grow your business.

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